What is a Welding Engineer?

Welding is a specialized skill and has long been considered skilled labor. It is now considered so specialized that a senior welding position now requires a specific degree. Modern welders should be able to read and understand complex welding codes. They are also required to write reports document the work they do.

Welding might seem like a simple process, but in engineering projects, the process can be quite complicated. The Certified Welding Engineer on the project is involved in all the phases of the project.

Pre-production of a welding project

The phase includes the following:

  • Planning
  • Drawing up contract documents
  • Approving contract documents
  • Consulting with the client and consulting with the technical personnel
  • Ensuring all the required equipment, supplies, and labour is available and on hand

Supervising the project

060308-F-4541H-002A Certified Welding Engineer has a primary responsibility of supervising the project and makes sure that the project is performed to specifications. The work for most of the projects is done by other welders, but occasionally the Certified Welding Engineer will also perform the work.

Ultimately, the Certified Welding Engineer is responsible for quality control and oversight on the project. For bigger projects, there may additional quality control performed by way of the client or a third party.

Administrative responsibilities of the Certified Welding Engineer

  • Documenting all of the welding work that was performed
  • Complete work orders
  • Prepare technical reports

Additional projects tasks for Certified Welding Engineers

  • Taking part in final work-throughs with clients
  • Be available for when new equipment is installed
  • Available for the beginning of a new project in the start-up phase

Non-project related tasks

  • Monitors and evaluates any developments in the welding field, in relation to the application on current and future projects.
  • Develops welding procedures for other welding staff.
  • Ensures inspections are carried out by technical personnel to ensure compliance.